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5 Simple Ways to Actually Enjoy Running in Winter

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Chances are, because you are here reading this, you want running to become a bigger part of your life. Running is amazing because it’s free and you can do it anywhere and the benefits are amazing, but even so it can be difficult to just get out there and start doing it especially in winter. I feel ya sista!

My name is Tammy, I live and study in Cardiff and I have slowly but surely made running a consistent part of my life. How? Listed below are 5 ways that have helped me and I’m sure can help you too.

Go in the morning

No, I’m not insane. I know it’s dark. I know it’s cold. I know your bed is so, so cosy in the mornings. But I also know you won’t regret it. Do you want to know why? Because if you go in the morning not only do you get a head-start on your day compared to the rest of the population (by the time they are rolling out of their duvet tangle, groggy and rough you are half way through your to-do list for the day) you also cash-in a guilt free day. What do I mean by that? You did your workout before you even had the chance to think about it, it doesn’t hang over you for the rest of the day so you are free to do as you please and free to say yes to unexpected plans that may come up -guilt free all day long. Added bonus: if someone offers you a sweet treat you can say yes- it’s guilt free!



Take a friend

I mean, if you can… this will make such a difference. Thankfully I have been able to convince my housemate to come with me a few times a week. It’s great because you hold each other accountable (aka get each other out of bed), you motivate each other before, during and after your runs. I won’t deny it, after Christmas she had way better form than me but that friendly competition got me really fired up to improve! By having a little arrangement in place, we got ourselves a nice little routine too and you know what they say- healthy habits make happy people! Everything is better with friends, including running. So grab your buddy and go give it a try.



Wear the right gear!

I’m not kidding here, and I know Emmpire 92’s base layers were made for skiers and snowboarders, but Oh My God do they make a difference to my morning run. I’ve always had this fear of losing my keys on a run and having to do the whole damn thing again but bent over looking for a little lost house key. Now, I just hook them on to the key loop. Then, there’s my other fear of being stuck somewhere with no money or cards so I use the arm pocket (made for lift passes) for my bank card. I literally use all of the pockets because even my phone is lodged in the leggings waist pocket and it does.not.move.

They are made for doing sport in freezing temperatures, so why not use them on a morning run? This is what I thought anyway- I love that my chest and neck is protected from the chill. They are also super cute.



Take the scenic route

If you took my initial tip and have now decided to run in the mornings, I promise you there is nothing more uplifting than watching a glorious sunrise through beautiful trees on a crisp morning. The air is so much fresher when you take scenic routes, there’s less traffic, its quieter and way, way more enjoyable.



Treat Yourself!

There is nothing more satisfying than arriving home from a cold run and jumping in a hot shower. I would go one further and say have a special body wash that you absolutely love and only use it on run days. It’s your treat for being such a productive human, well done. Then, do one better, give yourself a delicious, filling and nutritious breakfast with your favourite hot beverage. And enjoy every moment, knowing that you deserve these treats and you deserve this perfect peace of mind for the rest of day.




Good Luck Girls!

Lots of love, Tammy x

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