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5 Ways to prepare for a Ski Festival

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No matter what ski town festival you’re headed to, there are some things that you’ll definitely want to prepare for. When it comes to ski festivals what to wear is an important question. After all, you’ll be partying in (potentially) sub-zero temperatures… partying being the key word here. You want your choices to keep you warm on the lifts, in the queue for the bar, and for the walk back to the room but you don’t want to end up the same colour as Patrick Star when you’re throwing all sorts of shapes on the dance floor (he’s the pink one in Spongebob Squarepants). But that’s not the only thing to consider…

Whether you’re headed to a ski festival in France, a ski festival in Austria or any other of the best ski festivals anywhere else, these 5 tips should help prepare you for an awesome week on the snow

Leave Space for the Essentials

Packing for a ski festival is sort of like packing for a ski season. Basically, you need space in your luggage for fancy dress and duct tape. Strange combination to an outsider- but to an experienced snow-dweller not a surprising one. Fancy dress can be as low key or flamboyant as you want. Flower garland and grass skirt from that Hawaiian themed party you went to last summer? Perfect. Retro-style onesie ski suit? Also perfect. Inflatable dinosaur costume? Anything goes.

Invest in the Best Base Layers

Not to blow my own trumpet here but I believe these are the best base layers on the market right now. And they are way more equipped for festivals than your standard base layer. For one, if your coat goes missing, your precious lift pass won’t be in there because you have a special pocket for that on the left arm of your base layer. Secondly, you won’t lose your room key. That’s because your base layer has a key loop to keep it safe all day and all night. Thirdly, because they are better quality than other base layers, they take you from daytime sunshine to night-time frost – no sweat. Literally. Loads of people ask, can you wear two base layers? Well with Emmpire 92 base layers you don’t need to. The cool features are never-ending and the functionality is next to none. Oh, and they are super flattering and stylish. Win, win, win, win…

Don’t Lose Your Pals

Ski resorts have come a long way in connecting people on the mountain with heaps more WiFi capabilities than ever before. But phone signal when tons of people are gathered at high altitude can be sketchy at best. The solution? Invest in some walkie-talkies! Absolute genius for ski holidays in general but a game changer for keeping everyone in the squad safe and happy at a ski festival.

Protect Yourself

Sunscreen tends to be more associated with summer holidays than winter festivals but trust me, even on a cloudy day you’ll want to slap the stuff on up the hill. While the infamous goggle tan does have a certain endearing element for some… best not take the risk of like, cancer, and stuff. Just take your sunscreen ok? Not only are the sun’s rays beating directly on to your skin but they also reflect off the super reflective snow- on that note, remember your sunnies too.

Take your swimwear

I’m not saying you’ll end up skiing or snowboarding down the mountain in just your swimsuit or bikini… but I’m not saying you won’t either.

Always handy for the hot tub party anyway!

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