Story Time

Empire 92 was created by Welsh snowboarder and life enthusiast Emma Price.

After having the time of her life doing back-to-back seasons in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, she realised there was a great opportunity to make the outdoors even better for women.

She could design functional clothing, made from quality materials, that look good (something she personally struggled to find on her own adventures).

With no experience in fashion or design – Emma was on a mission…

“I really feel like coming in fresh with no pre-conceptions of how things ‘should be done’ was a huge advantage. I was able to put my girls, my customers, first – at every stage from concept to final product.

I am in a constant feedback loop with my brand supporters, asking what they want and how they want it. This is what makes this brand so special.”

It’s the quality and the small details that women really love. Every item in the Empire 92 collection is designed with the woman in mind… from the innovative details to the quality fabrics and even the sustainable packaging.

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See you on the mountain, by the seas, and everywhere in between.