Hey Ski Queen!

Since you’ve landed on this page you probably already know that skiing is more like a lifestyle… a state of mind… and I’m guessing you’ll be up the mountain again at the first opportunity huh?

You may be needing some nice base layers to keep you warm and dry whilst you’re there.

Let me help you with that (and keep reading for a nice surprise).

I’m not talking about the base layers that cost an arm and a leg just to fall apart after one wash. Or those base layers that have pretty patterns but leave you cold and shivering on a chair lift… or even those base layers that are super hi-tech but ugly as hell…

I’m talking about the NEW kind of base layers.

You know the ones? The ones designed to make you feel like your most beautiful, badass self AND keep you warm and dry with heaps of cool features – especially made with skiers in mind.

How can one set of base layers achieve all this? Easy, because they are designed to:

  • Make you look gorgeous
  • Make you feel comfortable
  • Wick away your sweat
  • Keep you warm in cold temperatures
  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Give you an outfit for any outdoor activity
  • Flatter your shape
  • Give you quality

The quality of your base layers is amazing. I'm really, really 'emmpressed' ha! My gilfriend is stoked, she is rocking her tartan set today.


My checker base layer top arrived yesterday and I LOVE it - great for any outdoor activity!


How do they do all of this? Well just imagine…

You’re preparing for a day on the mountain…

It’s waaaay to nice to wear a coat today, but will you be warm enough without one? Of course you will, because you reach for your thermo-brushed Emmpire 92 base layers. The top is velvety to the touch and glides over your head easily. They are warmer than any base layers you’ve ever had and you know there’s no risk of underboob sweat. Result. You zip the fleece-lined integrated neck-warmer all the way up and you are so glad there’s no zip in your face, rubbing your lip. You put your lift pass safely in your left arm pocket… even if you end up at après later (who are you kidding, you’ll be there) you know it won’t be lost. Speaking of losing things, you loop your room key around the key loop in the breast pocket too. Now you reach for the leggings, the thick waistband sits perfectly around your middle and you know no matter how many times you adjust your ski boots today it won’t roll down. You pop a lip balm and some cash in the waistband pocket. You layer up with a hoody and your base layer thumbholes stop any annoying sleeve bunching.

Doesn’t that sound nice? No other base layer brand can give you that experience right now.

There are less than 30 sets left of each style right now.
NOW is your chance to invest in your skiing. Just for getting this far, here is an offer you can’t refuse:

Choose quality, choose style, choose yours now

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