If you have ever…

  • Worried about where to put your keys on a walk
  • Been too cold at the start of the walk
  • Ended up too warm at the end of the walk
  • Or stressed about feeling comfortable and looking good at the same time….

Well then, these base layers are a game changer for you (oh, and keep reading for a nice surprise).

Designed by adventurous women, for adventurous women – they have all the handy features you’d expect … and then some.

A lady once told me “You know, I put my car key in my sock every time I go walking.” In her sock? HER SOCK?! I told her, that’s no place for a key on a long walk and she replied “Wait ‘til I tell you where my phone goes!”

I had heard enough, thankfully she now wears her Emmpire 92 base layers which solve these problems and more

By investing in her functional wardrobe, she benefits like so:

  • A safe place to put keys
  • Zipped pockets to keep small items like money, cards and lipbalms safe
  • Perfect temperature from start to finish because the thermo-brushed fabric regulates body temperature
  • No sweat problems thanks to moisture wicking material
  • Neck and face protected even in bracing wind with the adjustable neckwarmer
  • The softest, velvety material that protects from wind
  • Flattering and stylish with a thick, high waistband and a hidden pocket

The quality of your base layers is amazing. I'm really, really 'emmpressed' ha! My gilfriend is stoked, she is rocking her tartan set today.


My checker base layer top arrived yesterday and I LOVE it - great for any outdoor activity!


Now that she has all these features, she says it’s hard to imagine going walking without them.

She says a walk now goes something like this…

You wake up, it’s a glorious day outside- the sun is shining with a cold crispness in the air. ‘A perfect day for a long walk,’ you think to yourself. Your day ahead is free, with no time worries and so you reach for your base layer top. It’s velvety to the touch, fleecy on the inside and peachy on the outside. It glides easily over your head and immediately brings warmth to your skin like sunshine through a window. You take the leggings and pull them above your waist, they are so snug and flattering you can’t help but admire your silhouette in the nearby mirror. You notice the thick waistband even has a hidden pocket and you’ll pop your phone in there later. For now, you take some money and your card from your purse and zip them safely away in your arm pocket. You quickly slip into your walking boots and head for the door. The cold air takes your breath away but you zip your adjustable collar right up to protect your neck and lock your door. You look around and wonder where to put it… and you remember there’s a key loop in your breast pocket. You hook it on and begin a glorious day of adventure and fresh air.

Now, doesn’t that sound nice? No other base layer can give you that experience right now.

Walker base layers white

There are less than 30 sets left of each style right now.

Now is your chance to invest in your functional wardrobe and transform your time outdoors.

Just for getting this far, here is an offer you can’t refuse:


Choose quality, choose style, choose yours now

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