As far as we know, there’s just one life and just one earth like ours in the universe. Which is why a sustainable and responsible approach to the creation and growth of this brand is so important to us.

As a mountain-focused brand we feel this urgency… we feel it in the receding snow line, the shorter winters, the higher temperatures- to name but a few.

When you purchase your brand new, stylish base layers, you’ll find the materials sourced for your packaging are fully recyclable. The protective tissue is extra special – soy-based ink and acid free paper! And even better, for purchasing this type of tissue we ensured a tree was planted to keep the sustainability cycle going around.

We purposely stayed away from any plastic packaging, so you’ll find your carboard box and thank you card to be completely recyclable.

One Tree Planted eco packaging alliance

More ways to keep mother nature happy:

Cold wash: Your base layers were built for the cold! They’ll retain their shape and colour for longer and in the meantime, you’ll save a ton on energy bills. Woohoo!

Share a ride: Rides are better with friends – and not just on the slopes. Let’s keep that mountain air fresh with less emissions.

Take a hip flask up the hill: rather than buying single-use bottles of water up there why not fill your hip flask and take it with you?

And finally, ditch the straws at the après bar! The turtles will love you for it.