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What are base layers used for?

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I remember right before I went away on my first ski season, I was desperately scrambling around everyone I knew that had been skiing before for some sort of inkling on what I needed to take with me. I was utterly clueless. I had never skied before, never been to a ski resort before, heck I didn’t even like the cold!

Whilst I was asking around, the two things that kept cropping up as absolute essentials were:

  1. Plenty of socks
  2. A good set of base layers.
No zip in your face, adjustable built-in neckwarmer
Arm pocket for passes, cards and small items
Never lose your keys again with keyloop breast pocket
Thick, high waist to flatter and never roll down
Thumbholes to stop uncomfortable sleeve bunching
Scooped style to flatter
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“Base layers? What the heck are base layers?” I thought.

Back then I didn’t do my research well enough. I went into an outdoor clothing shop, spotted some base layers in a box and took home the cheapest, itchiest, most unflattering set of base layers they had… not that I knew this then of course. They were plain black… out of a choice of garish pink and a brash turquoise.

Since then, I have learned that base layers have two main functions:

  1. To keep you dry: by wicking away sweat from your body
  2. To keep you warm: by keeping the warmth in

I couldn’t even tell you if they did their job correctly. They were so itchy, the waistband kept rolling down, the fit was unflattering and I just didn’t feel my best. It was disheartening. Not to mention I couldn’t take off my coat in the sweltering-hot mountain bars. It was just too embarrassing.

Since my whole lifestyle shift six years ago, I have become a real outdoor fanatic. Nothing ignites my soul more than an adventure and I have come to realise how important base layers really are when you’re facing the great outdoors. They are your second skin, worn only above your underwear.

Base layers are for everything. Unless you’re a hermit that squanders around your home 24/7 you’ll appreciate a base layer.

Shouldn't be

Too thin
Poorly designed waistband
No thumbholes

Should be

Moisture wicking

Base layers are for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, any alpine activity, dog walkers, Nordic walkers, any walkers, golfers, sailors, horse riders, motorcyclist, hikers, surfers (pre & post surf), hockey players, football players, skaters, figure skaters, hunting, campers, archers, *gets out of breath* the list goes on and on.

If it’s outside and there’s a chance of sweat… then you’ll appreciate a set of decent base layers.

So, it astounds me, that the base layer industry is still churning out unflattering but ‘functional’ clothing. With my outdoor activities on the rise, I began to question “why can’t it be both?”

I sent out some surveys and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

You wanted thumbholes.

You wanted fun patterns.

You wanted flattering.

You wanted functional.

It was settled, then. I owed it to you to fulfil my mission and create the best base layers imaginable. Will they keep you warm? Yes. Will they keep you dry? Yes. Will they look good? Yes. Will they itch? Absolutely not. Will they have innovative functions? Yes. Will they have thumbholes? Yes. Will they be the base layers you’ve ever owned? Yes, I believe so.

So, you could continue buying into the industry standard of ‘base layers have two functions,’ or you could believe, like me, that they are so much more than that and should serve a purpose and make you feel good. Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, everything else falls into place.

Life’s an adventure,

the world is your playground!

I've recently bought your base layers and I absolutely love them! The quality is amazing and the fact they can be worn alone whilst looking great is such a bonus. I am going on a ski holiday in a couple of weeks with my partner and he is envious of how awesome my base layers are!


The quality of your base layers is amazing. I'm really, really 'emmpressed' ha! My gilfriend is stoked, she is rocking her tartan set today. I'm very jealous I don't have base layers like these!


My checker base layer top arrived yesterday and I LOVE it - great for any outdoor activity!


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